Getting Consultant Clients through Creating a Lead Magnet

Getting Consultant Clients through Creating a Lead Magnet

Struggling to get new consultant clients in your consulting business?

Trying to maintain a predictable flow of new clients into your business is a real tough job. Having a great online marketing system can generate leads and new clients.

Now with your capture page running, we’re going to make improvements on the effectiveness of your online marketing. And to get more leads you need to give away something in exchange for their email.

This free giveaway, when combined with a capture page, is called a “lead magnet”.

A Lead Magnet can completely make or break your lead generation success. That’s what we’re going to talk to today.

We’re going to get consultant clients through creating a lead magnet.


Creating A Lead Magnet For Consultant Clients

Lead Magnets are extremely common in Inbound Marketing. Lead magnets work, very well.

Creating a lead magnet is easy. A lead magnet that gets targeted leads is challenging.

These tips will help you overcome those challenges and help you create dynamic lead magnets.

But let us first get to know what really is a lead magnet.


What Is a Lead Magnet
A lead magnet is a free giveaway you give to get people to opt for your Capture Page.

A lead magnet can be:

  • Pdf,
  • Ebook,
  • Report,
  • Video training, or
  • Video training series.

You give the lead magnet to lure clients to give their email and other contact information. Nearly every business with an email list uses lead magnets to attract consultant clients.

The lead magnet represents you. It’s the key step to getting your audience to purchase your services or products.
So before you make a sensible decision, let’s talk about the different types of lead magnets you can give away.


The Key Types Of Lead Magnet
Lead Magnets don’t have to be lengthy. Or complex. Or time-intensive to create. To be effective, your Lead Magnet needs to have a purpose.There are four major types of lead magnets used with capture pages.

These are:

  • eBook,
  • Free Consultation Call,
  • Webinar or 4-Part Video Series, and
  • PDF Download.

We’re going over these four types and let’s see what will work best for you.


Let’s face it. We’ve all seen eBooks. We’ve received and downloaded copies of it. eBooks are great at helping you get leads. However, some chances are it doesn’t get read.

Reading most eBooks is like reading an encyclopedia. It has lots of valuable information but who actually pick one up and reads it from cover to cover.

And when people don’t read our content we are basically training them that it’s cool not to read our stuff. That’s not what we wanted to have here, do we?

Basically, while it’s true that eBooks are a common lead magnet. But never really effective. Let’s first leave it in the cyber trash.


Free Consultation Call
Another common lead magnet is to send people to a “free” consultation. In other words, sales call.

While these free consultations work great, they are not the best choice for a lead magnet. People usually don’t like the thing with someone trying to sell them right away.

This lead magnet is helpful. However, it won’t suffice to become effective.


Webinar or 4-Part Video Series
This lead magnet is pretty common. Usually, it’s where you give away either a webinar or video training series.Training series can be 3 or more short training videos. It can be offered to the person one day at a time.

While Webinar is often a 30 min to 3-hour marathon of value. With the webinar, it will be tricky to get them to attend because their life tends to get in the way.With the 4-part video series, it makes the person wait a day for the next video. Which tends to be frustrating. The emails then get lost in their mailbox.


PDF Download
The PDF download is by far the best lead magnet.

The PDF download should be:

  • 1-3 pages,
  • Easy to read,
  • Polished enough to represent how professional you are, and
  • At least one actionable activity that will take the person one step towards their goals, giving a sense of accomplishment.

Make sure the PDF download is highly polished and represents your brand. Include your logo, etc.. Be creative and unique.


Pick Content To Use
If you’re ready to try your hand at creating lead magnets that work, you can now decide on what content to include in your lead magnet.

This is the easy part, deciding which type of lead magnet. But be sure that you have a very good idea about your target market.

Brainstorm the Pain Points
Knowing your target audience and target market takes time on brainstorming. Brainstorm at least ten pain points that your target audience has.

Pain points are things that actually both your target client and may even keep them up at night. They are real concerns to your target customer within your niche.

Also, focus exclusively on the pain points from the perspective of your potential client.


Pick The Top Three

Now, you’ve finally had your pick in mind. Once you have your list, pick the top three pain points.

To help you in picking, you can follow these guidelines:

  • The most likely and biggest concerns for the target audience.
  • The concerns that you are best solving.
  • The concerns that you want to solve in your business.

If your pain points contain all these three, then it’s a guarantee that it would turn great.


Make The Lead Magnet
The next step is to design the lead magnet. There is a lot of designing an effective lead magnet.

When picking content in creating a lead magnet make sure you pick things that help partly solve the top three pain points you previously identified.

The point is to make something that actually has an impact on the person’s life. The more value you can add to the lead magnet, the better the results should be.

To make work easy for you, you can hire professional graphic designers online to make it look good. IM Consultant Services can help you in creating a lead magnet.

Final Thoughts on Getting Consultant Clients through Creating a Lead Magnet

There you have it, today’s post covered creating a lead magnet to help with getting consultant clients.

Remember, lead magnets allows a business to follow-up with someone who is either ready to make a purchase decision or who is likely to make one in the future.

And a great capture page is part of the process. Ensuring you to have the predictable business within your consulting business.

However, Lead magnets continue to evolve. But one thing remains the same…they work. The greater the value you give your customers, the more they will trust you.

And when clients start to give you their email address, your pipeline then starts to be filled with leads.

If you need help in building capture pages and creating lead magnets, IM Consultant Services  is one call away. Who knows? You might be a dial away from your best lead magnet content.