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Getting Consultant Clients Through Creating a Lead Magnet

Getting Consultant Clients Through Creating a Lead Magnet

By on January 29th, 2018

“Getting Consultant Clients Through Creating a Lead Magnet”


Struggling to get new consultant clients for your consulting business?

Trying to maintain a predictable flow of new clients into your business is no easy job. You’ve tried everything, but your client count is still inconsistent. What else can you do?

Improvements must be made on the effectiveness of your online marketing. To acquire more leads, you must be prepared to give away something to potential clients in exchange for their emails.

This free giveaway, when combined with a capture page, is called a “lead magnet”. A lead magnet can completely make or break your lead generation success. This is why it is important to have an extensive knowledge and understanding of this topic.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can get more consultant clients through the creation of lead magnets.

Creating a Lead Magnet for Consultant Clients

Lead magnets are extremely common in Inbound Marketing. Lead magnets work, and they work well.

While creating lead magnets can be an easy task, its effectiveness factor can be quite challenging to build up. But worry not, as the following tips will help you overcome those endeavors and help you create dynamic lead magnets.

First, let us define lead magnets, and just how powerful their impact can be in your business.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a free giveaway used to attract viewers and have them opt in for your capture page, in exchange for their email addresses or other contact information. Nearly every business with an email list uses them to gather potential consultant clients. Lead magnets can be in the form of:

  • PDF,
  • eBooks,
  • Reports,
  • Video trainings, or
  • Video training series.

Lead magnets are a major determining factor of how good your products and services will sell in the market. Before giving them away, remember that these lead magnets represent you and your brand. Hence, it is important to think about what type of giveaway will reflect your company the best in the eyes of your audience.

To help you choose the best one that will work for your business, let us first discuss the different types of lead magnets.

The Key Types of Lead Magnet

Lead magnets don’t have to be lengthy or complex. They don’t even need a lot of time investment. To be effective, your lead magnet simply needs to have a purpose.

There are four major types of lead magnets used with capture pages, and these are:

  • eBooks,
  • Free Consultation Calls,
  • Webinar or 4-Part Video Series, and
  • PDF Downloads.


eBooks are digital copies of books and are one of the most common lead magnets used in various industries. They are useful for compiling lots of valuable information into one single file.

While they may seem convenient to some, the chances are they are not read from cover to cover. This can pose as an issue. When people don’t read your content, you’ll never get your point across.

Free Consultation Calls

Another common lead magnet used is the offering of “free” consultation calls—in other words, a sales call. An example of the usual flow of these calls is:

  1. A customer calls the agency they wish to work with or inquire from.
  2. Customer support assesses the caller’s problem by asking general questions.
  3. After a few minutes, customer support comes up with possible free solutions, but will offer additional products or services offered by the company.
  4. Customer either accepts the suggestions and seek the company’s aid, or looks for another company that might be of better help.

While these free consultations work great, people often do not appreciate having to buy from someone who offered something “free” in the first place.

Webinar or 4-Part Video Series

Webinars are used to convey instructions, inspirational messages, or when you simply just want people to see what they will get. It can even help build trust, as your potential clients will get to see just how sincere or serious you look when talking about something you’re passionate about.

Training series can compose of 3 or more short training videos, usually offered once a day. While they do consist of ~30 minutes (or more) worth of value, it can be tricky to have attendees, because their daily lives tend to get in the way.

To add to the inconvenience, when you do get people hooked to it, they have to wait for a whole day to watch the next video, which tends to be frustrating. The emails then get lost in their mailbox.

PDF Download

PDF downloads are by far the best lead magnet. They are much shorter than eBooks and only list short, specific ideas.

For a PDF file to be considered effective, it should be:

  • Readily downloadable,
  • 1-3 pages,
  • Easy to read,
  • Polished enough to represent how professional you are, and
  • At least one actionable activity that will take the person one step towards their goals, giving a sense of accomplishment.

Make sure the PDF download is highly polished and represents your brand. Include your logo, etc. In short, be creative and unique.

The Next Step

If you’re ready to try your hand at creating your next sale assets, you can now decide on what content to include in your lead magnet.

After then comes the easy part, where all you have to do is incorporate your ideas into one small file.

Get to Know Your Clients

The first step to any business growth plan is to get to know who your target audience is and what part of your company piques their interest.

Allot time for client behavior studies and observation, or simply ask them what they would want to receive from you. Aside from knowing what they like, you should also look out for what they don’t, so you have an idea on what you can dispose of.

Brainstorm the Pain Points

Pain points are those that keep your clients bothered and awake at night. These may be their daily concerns and struggles. They are the real problems in your niche that you can solve.

When brainstorming these pain points, try to put yourself in your clients’ shoes, and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I need help, or can I solve this on my own?
  • What can I do to get myself out of my problem?
  • Who can help me?

Pick the Top Three

Now that you have an idea on what problems your clients may be facing, you can now choose those that you can provide solutions to.

To help in choosing, you can follow these guidelines:

  • The most likely and biggest concerns for the target audience.
  • The concerns that you are best solving.
  • The concerns that you want to solve in your business.

If your pain points contain all these three, then it’s a guarantee that it will turn out great.

Make the Lead Magnet

The last step is to actually produce the lead magnet. This step involves lots of effective and attractive designs and visuals.

The point is to make something that actually has an impact on a person’s life. The more value you can add to the lead magnet, the better the results will be.

Getting Help

While it may seem easy, a lot of business owners find that thinking about what type of lead magnet to use—and what should be included in the lead magnet—consumes too much of their time and effort.

For you to be able to focus your attention to the other aspects of your business, you can hire professional graphic designers online. IM Consultant Services can help you in creating a lead magnet.

Final Thoughts on Getting Consultant Clients through Creating a Lead Magnet

Today’s post covered lead magnets: what they are, the different types, and how you can create effective ones that will drive your business up in getting more consultant clients.

Lead magnets allow a business to follow-up with someone who is either ready to make a purchase decision, or someone who is more than likely to make one in the future.

As lead magnets continue to evolve, one thing remains the same: they work, and they are effective in gathering attention. Remember that the more value you give to your customers, the more they will put their trust in you.

If you need help in building capture pages and creating lead magnets, IM Consultant Services  is one call away. Who knows? You might be a dial away from your best lead magnet content!

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